In the physical entity of Sri Guru Arjan Dev jees temple, he discovered its spiritual being. What he designed and built was not hence a building structure but rather an idea transformed into a visible form. It cold be quite an easy feat of masonry to construct a strong, solid, rock-like podium with a towering height and create the temple on its base. Sri Guru Arjan Dev jee thought differently. He carried the structure of his temple deep into the water, placed its floor along the tank’s water level and raised it into the sky to whatever height. His temple, like Him, like baba Nanak’s Karta Purukh, whose manifestation the temple was, pervaded all three worlds, this world, the world below and the world above. Placed on a rock, or a rock-like solid base, his temple would not have roots in the world below. And, placed on a towering high plinth, it would have lost the touch of this world. His temple was much a part of the water, the earth and the sky.

The Harimandar Sahib or Sri Darbar Sahib also known as the Golden Temple is a vivid sign of the Sikh spiritual heritage. The temple situated in the water tank, its spiritual surroundings and melodious music have been a source of inspiration to the devotees visiting this shrine ever since its inception.

The Harimandar sahib, blend of soul and matter is looked upon as a symbol of culture and conduct of the people having faith in Sikhism. It enshrines a liberal religious tradition materialized by noble deeds of piety, sacrifice and heroism. Contrary to old Indian temples with single entrance, the Golden Temple opens its four doors in all four directions for every one irrespective of one’s caste, creed and religion. Dedicated to no specific god or goddess and without any installed image or idol, the temple enshrines God Himself. Sikh name of this temple is ‘Harimandar sahib’ that means God’s temple or God’s abode. Its Indian name is ‘Darbar sahib’ that means a court or an audience chamber. In this Divine audience chamber devotees from far and distant places are admitted into the audience of God, Whose praise is sung by musicians in the temple in a traditional way.

The Divine is beyond time and space. But the Golden Temple remains an exception, where we feel God, see the Lord, listen the Master and every visitor feels an experience of unification with Him!